Month: April 2018

How to Prepare Your Closet for Summer

How to Prepare Your Closet for Summer

Well, I don’t know about you, but, I wonder if this weather is ever going to change! I spent a lot of years living in England and am not much of a winter person because of it. Back then, there were only two types of […]

Styling with Sheer Tops

Styling with Sheer Tops

You’ve been waiting for me to give you some good tips on tops that don’t include my obsession with white t-shirts. Hopefully, you won’t be upset with me for keeping this to myself for far too long…But I’m about to change your world. What the […]

Let’s Get Our Fancy Pants On!

Let’s Get Our Fancy Pants On!

My wardrobe boasts a lot of great items and patterned pants are among my favorites. For whatever reason, I have always been attracted to pants with different colors, textures and designs. Seriously, if I were to categorize my closet into piles of tops, sweaters, skirts, dresses, pants, etc., my pile of pants would be the largest.

Let’s look at 4 different types of pants you can wear that will enhance your wardrobe, divert attention from your chest, and that are easy to pair with a t-shirt, blouse or sweater.

 Velvet Pants

I am sooooo in love with velvet. Luckily the trend that started last fall shows no signs of slowing or disappearing anytime soon. This is good because I have seven different pairs in my closet.

Yes, seven!

Seven pairs of velvet pants for me to choose from. (And that doesn’t include all the other velvet items I’ve invested in.) Like I said, I am so in love with velvet!

And, since I’m all about textures, when I am wearing my velvet pants I like to pair them with a plain white t-shirt then add a chunky sweater and a colorful scarf or a Kimono with a nice chunky necklace. With all this stuff going on, no one will be noticing your chest.

(Velvet Pants featured here are from Forever 21)

Patterned Denim

I have a few different pairs of patterned denim jeans. The ones featured here are currently my favorite denims. I love the pattern, especially on white.

I have several pairs of white jeans and the great thing about them is that, if something gets on them, the pattern on them diverts attention from any marks or stains. Now that grandchildren are a part of my life, I need all the help I can get.

I have paired these jeans with a bright blouse full of ruffles. I think we can all agree that, in this photo, nothing looks like it’s “missing.”


(Patterned Denim featured here are from Charter – c/o the Goodwill)

Embroidered Jeans

I’m such a fan of embroidery. It’s actually one of my favorite hobbies, so I was excited when I found these embroidered jeans last month at TJ Maxx for $19.99 (every time I wear them people ask where they are from – you’re welcome).

The bright colors in the design on the side draw your eyes down. I like to wear mine with a white t-shirt (I know, I know…there’s a theme going on here) and add a blazer to dress it up.

(Embroidered Jeans featured here are from TJ Maxx) 



Long Flowing Pajama Style Pants

When I saw these a few weeks ago, I grabbed them. They were the last pair in my size and I just love how Pajama Style pants make me feel like I’m not dressed, even though I am! If you can’t be bothered to get it together for work just throw these on and you’re instantly dressed up.

I like wearing mine with a black T-shirt and a plain jacket or blazer. The style, pattern, and texture of these pants, makes it easy for you to be plain about the rest of your outfit. Picking a bold large pattern along with the movement of the material and style of these pants, keeps the eyes away from the fact that you don’t have a breast.

(Flowing Pants featured here are from Forever 21)

I encourage you to go out and get yourself some fancy pants! Feel free to snap a picture and post it on the I Don’t Need Two Facebook page. We’d all love to see what you come up with!

Have You Said “Thank You” to Your Body Lately?

Have You Said “Thank You” to Your Body Lately?

Want to know a little secret? I’m going to let you in on one now. There’s a certain someone (I will not name names or genders so let’s just use the new gender neutral “them/they”)…There’s a certain someone who I spent an exorbitant amount of […]